Projection of the documentary Nothing To Hide directed by Marc Meillassoux and Mihaela Gladovic
Saturday 21st September 2019 at 3 pm, cinéma Dynamo (Centre d'art contemporain Genève, 4th floor)

Despite Snowden’s revelations, most of us seem to accept a surveilled digital society. Even though there is a broad consensus within our society about surveillance regimes being invasive, undemocratic and authoritarian, more and more people install countless “free” apps on their phones. By this we accept the terms and conditions without even reading them, giving away our privacy with just a few klicks and giving corporations the access to all of our private information. In order to justify this behavior, we use the mantra: “I am not interesting. Why would they look at me? I don’t have anything to hide.”

“Nothing to hide” is an independent documentary about digital surveillance and its broad acceptance within our society by using the “I have nothing to hide”- argument as justification. The two Berlin based journalists Marc Meillassoux and Mihaela Gladovic wrote and produced the movie in order to examine the question, based on the personal stories of five protagonists, what this passive acceptance of massive corporate and government surveillance means for our democracy, for our right to privacy, for our society and for us as individuals.

The documentary will screened in English with French subtitles.