In the age of the all-digital, of digital prostheses, of ubiquity, of speculative bubbles, of ordinary and pathological digital addictions, of the dictatorship of image and narcissism, of environmental crisis, of fake news, of information warfare, of job uberization, of all kinds of uncertainties, of chaos engineers employed by Cambridge Analytica and other satellite companies to explode likes and populism, etc., epidemiological studies show that contemporary society is also facing a tsunami of psychiatric disorders. Beyond these buzz-words that have become the mantras of the media and digital culture, a new psychological and social reality is emerging that demonstrate the devastating side effects of a digital environment originally intended for progress, sharing, knowledge and creativity.

Thus, are we all dedicated to the statutes that predominate in the digital world: target or waste? Do we risk a desubjectivation in adequacy with the dominant economic and algorithmic logic? Do we urgently need to imagine a digital responsibility on which not only our planet and our democracies, but also our mental health, depend?

The Psychological Inquiry: target or waste? intervention has three objectives:

- To collect information, for research purposes, on behaviours and attitudes related to the data privacy of participants/visitors to Bureau de Crise interventions.
- To stimulate new individual questions about the use and psychological effects of the Internet.
- To contribute to the development of new psychological health policies related to the impact of digital life and hyper-connection.

The questionnaires are processed completely anonymously. The results of the inquiry will be published on this site.


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