crisis team

Raphaëlle Mueller

 Raphaëlle Mueller is an artist and researcher, whose multiply-composed, chemically infused body began as European-ness that had inherited plastics and chemicals from her mother’s unknowing exposure as she incubated in her womb. Starting from this observation, her artistic practice merges art and science within a discursive geopolitical agenda and her exploratory methodologies indicate multilateral dialogues by questioning hidden and speculative relations between ecology, politics, the human and the non-human. Her work aims to operate a linking between the scientific and non-scientific worlds, especially in the frame of ecocides and industrial hazards, through an artistic practice and alternative tools (DIY open protocols). Hence, her explorations/excavations aim at the apprehension and understanding of the toxic materiality of the Anthropocene/Capitalocene and the attempt to forge new interspecies and inter-media links. She studied photography at the ZHDK-Zurich, art and new media (BA) and artistic research (MA CCC) at HEAD-Geneva. She got the HES-SO Excellence Award in Visual Arts 2017 and the Grant Bourses déliées 2018.




Marta Revuelta

Marta Revuelta is an artist and designer whose work investigates the relationships between technology, power & ethical implications and explores AI systems as a set of new structures of control, highlighting their potential drifts and questioning their possible misuses. Her current projects integrate computer vision and pattern recognition systems into mechatronic constructions, thus revealing their computational mechanisms and analyzing their impacts. She is the author of Profilage Facial 1775-2017, In analysis, revue transdisciplinaire de psychanalyse et sciences, 3 (2), 2019.



Laurent Weingart

Laurent Weingart is a computer security engineer with a Master's degree from EPFL. After working on the development of mobile applications integrating biometrics at SITA's R&D laboratory, he specialized in cybersecurity and penetration testing. In parallel, Laurent also worked on the development of artificial intelligence for design and media art projects.



Liviu Poenaru

Psychology doctor, psychotherapist, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the review In Analysis (Elsevier Masson), Liviu Poenaru explores in his research and practice the unconscious effects of the contemporary environment. In the latest issue of In Analysis, he opens the debate about the Digital Subject with his article Digital unconscious, excitation of limits, beta screen.